How to Keep Business Travellers Focused


If you have ever arrived at the office feeling like death warmed up, you have probably had a bad night’s sleep. Imagine how you would feel if a bout of insomnia kicked in while you were on an important business trip.Get a sense of what staying in a busy hotel is like?Worse still, what if it wasn’t you who was feeling dog tired… What if it was someone whose hotel bill your company was picking up?

Businesses based in London often welcome colleagues from across the UK and around the globe. They may be in the City for training, to attend a conference, speak at an important meeting or even be on secondment. Finding the right accommodation can influence how they perform. That is why more and more businesses are adding 360 Serviced Apartments to their preferred accommodation provider lists.


The effects of tiredness at work

Staying in a cramped, noisy hotel with limited privacy can seriously curtail the number of hours a business traveller sleeps. As well as making them tired and grumpy, lethargy can have much more serious side effects. Even during short stays, impersonal hotel accommodation can leave a visitor feeling down and ‘lost’. They may even nod off at work.

Consider the implications for your organisation. A worker who is not alert cannot be focused. What’s more, they pose a danger. A tired traveller is high-risk when it comes to being involved in an accident or making poor judgements. For long-stay business travellers, tiredness can impact their overall health and make them susceptible to serious medical conditions such as high blood pressure and obesity.


Avoiding the hotel trap

If you want visiting colleagues to arrive at the office looking and feeling refreshed, avoid the hotel trap. Reduce the cost of hosting business travellers and give them the rest they need by booking a spacious serviced apartment. At 360 Serviced Apartments, all our accommodation has been carefully selected to appeal to organisations hosting business travellers. Apartments are located close to public transport, in important strategic locations and contain everything you will find in the home – including a fully kitted out kitchen, a washing machine and an iron. They are furnished to 4 and 5-star hotel standards.

Privacy and space offer business travellers a real chance to relax, as well as the peace they need to complete any work. Our apartments provide 24-hour security, a cooked breakfast and much, much more. We are confident that our apartments have a role to play in boosting the performance of business travellers. In fact, we would like to invite companies who host colleagues to come and meet us. If you want to know more about the benefits of serviced apartments, call the 360 team on 020 3633 3915 to arrange a meeting.